MDCAT Crisis Case Adjourned?!

If you are a doctor to be, or even have nothing to do with the MDCAT, you must be aware of the news surrounding the MDCAT controversies under the PMC ranging from internet connectivity issues as per PMC practice tests, incorrect answer keys. For which Nearpeer wrote an open letter to the PMC. Check it out here! MDCAT exam sitters for the 2021 MDCAT exam also experienced out-of-syllabus questions and operational issues with the online TEPS conducted exam not too long back. The students rejected the TEPS answer scheme, which we also covered here.  The students also took to the streets, where they were jailed and treated inhumanely by law enforcement.  The PMC responded then by releasing an official notice, and when that was not taken well, they held a press conference for the MDCAT aspirants. The results of the PMC held press conference were not appreciated  by the MDCAT students, who then and now, still demand a reconducting of the exam. 

Frustrated students then took to the high court, with a petition to the Islamabad High Court sharing their grievances with the PMC conducted MDCAT.

The case was heard by Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb. Lawyers Hassan Raza Pasha, Adnan Randhawa along with others were also present. The lawyers shared their arguments, stating students' futures were at risk owing to the new- and inefficient- way the exam was conducted. They were concerned about the online system afflicted with weak security, with the possibility of a potential hacking. Along with that concern, the lawyers brought up the issue of the exorbitant fees collected from students this year, approx 6000 PKR. This was due to a joint venture with TEPS (a private firm) the lawyers argued. They also brought up the issues of technical faults, sharing erroneous test results sent to students by the PMC but then withdrawn through notification of a high influx of emails. The lawyers pleaded with the court, asking for a swift judgement considering medical schools had already begun their admission processes. The court with Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb heard the case, but adjourned it till the 4th of November. 

What did you think of the arguments? What do you think the possible outcome for the students will be? Nearpeer wants to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments box below. Nearpeer stands tall with the MDCAT aspirants and hopes for a favorable outcome for the situation, saving the future of thousands of MDCAT students across Pakistan. Happy learning!