We’ve been hearing a lot about what the Punjab Medical Commission (PMC) has done to students this year. According to students on various social media platforms, PMC has literally ruined their lives and earlier academic achievements. 

Second, the fee for registering to MDCAT in 2021 was Rs.6000/- per student. Charging this high doesn’t justify a single test by a public sector organization. This is outrageous!

Now the question is, “why did students go suspicious of PMC?” And the answer is, “Because PMC provided wrong answers to the sample questions.”

PMC announced dates for MDCAT 2021 as from 30 August to 30 September. The candidates already had a lot of rage for PMC but things didn’t stay right for long. After submitting the test, the results were supposed to be provided to the student to see how they have performed. 

The twist in the story came when the candidates saw their drastic results while they expected the opposite. Keeping in mind how the answers to the sample questions were wrong and their worse results, the candidates are pretty much sure that the MDCAT result is unfair. Here’s a little glimpse of what exactly happened with the candidates when they were solving MDCAT sample papers:

In this MDCAT sample paper from PMC, the right option is “b” (moved) and not “c” (moves). The candidate had chosen “b” but it was marked as wrong because according to PMC, “c” is the right answer.

Many candidates have failed to pass their MDCATs this year even though they were super-intelligent and had presumably answered correctly to the questions. Now, they cannot get admissions on the basis of MDCAT in any medical or dental institute that requires this test. If you’re not one of those deserving but deceived candidates, you can definitely imagine the rage and pain they’d be going through. If PMC really did unfair marking, then this could be one of the darkest hours in the history of the educational system of Pakistan. 

Have a few glimpses of what people have to say about this.

Sounds like a meme, but it hurts so bad reading all this...

This is really sad…

Abdul Ahad, a highly motivated MDCAT aspirant, shared his sad story on his Facebook wall about how hard he studied during his matriculation and intermediate just to become a medical graduate. His MDCAT was on 2nd September and he found the exam pretty easy. Imagine what would have gone through him when he got 125 marks even while he expected more than 185.

Abdul Ahad claimed that more than 60 of his answers were marked as wrong and this is happening to the rest of his friends as well. 

The Protest Plan

A brave moderator of an MDCAT community on Facebook, Shuja Ur Rehman, came up with a plan to raise a voice against the transparency of PMC.

As the savior of the education system of Pakistan, Nearpeer stands with all the MDCAT aspirants in this protest. We really hope that all of them get justice by getting their answers rechecked with a correct MDCAT answer key, and that too free of cost. Just raise your voices by signing up for the petition and ask as many friends and family members as you can to do it as well.