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Dear Pakistan Medical Commission, 

On behalf of all MDCAT (Or should we say NMDCAT?) aspirants this year, we have a question: What exactly is going on? Have the MDCAT aspirants not suffered enough? 

There are some major issues that Nearpeer would like to address with the MDCAT exam coming up in just 4 days.

Firstly, the PMC changes MDCAT to NMDCAT. Then, there is a sudden change in the syllabus during the pandemic. A lack of stability has been observed in the last one and a half years in the NMDCAT educational policies, even though it is a known fact that it would directly affect the students’ future.

Moving on, the PMC took over the MDCAT as opposed to the University of Health Sciences (UHS) earlier. Maybe there was some logic to the decision, since the UHS MDCAT was considered easier to the MDCATs conducted by other universities, thus giving students in Punjab an unfair advantage. But tell us this, how does PMC justify the 6000 PKR test registration, compared to the previous UHS 1500 PKR MDCAT registration fee?

It is no lie that this year's NMDCAT has shocked students from across Pakistan. PMC introduced a new section for the NMDCAT, Logical Reasoning. The 2021 NMDCAT aspirants had only a month to prepare. In the sample key provided by the PMC, the Logical Reasoning section questions are simply out of the syllabus, or just plain irrelevant.

There are also Sample Question Keys with multiple variants going around in the market, showing that there is no singular authentic source. Even the official PMC NMDCAT Key has errors. Check out the evidence below: 

Watch Sir Ammar Ali Ayub explain the discrepancies in the key questions and their answers. He also has explained the working of the Logical Reasoning Questions. Click here!
Although PMC has stated that the key is not representative of what the actual questions might look like, it still does not relieve the NMDCAT aspirants of the stress, confusion and chaos that they're surrounded by. 

Also, while the official Online NMDCAT testing service (Outsourced), The Testing and Evaluation Platform (TEPS),  is preparing the examination, they are also offering test preparation support for a cost. These prices are too high for every student to purchase, and create an unfair disadvantage for the students who can’t afford them. 

Nearpeer is not raising its voice about these concerns to discredit the PMC in any way.  Rather, we aim to raise awareness regarding the neglected issues the NMDCAT 2021 aspirants may be facing this year and bring them to the knowledge of the PMC so they can, we hope, make amendments this year  and the students experience ease in terms of building their future career. Also, to ensure the same does not occur with the future NMDCAT test takers. 

We also strive to extend a hand of support to the PMC, because these are errors that can be addressed and rectified.  Nearpeer is playing their role by clarifying the confusions surrounding the Logical Reasoning section on our Youtube Channel. For the NMDCAT aspirants, we care about your concerns. So, we are offering the entire Logical Reasoning course, free of cost, on Youtube! Click here to check out the full course by Sir Ammar!

Nearpeer hopes, truly, that PMC looks into the issues outlined above, and makes a change in the structure and decisions surrounding the NMDCAT this year. Regardless, we will always stand tall and proud with the NMDCAT aspirants, and offer them help wherever we can. This is because Nearpeer cares. 

Signing off, 

Team Nearpeer