Mathematics (Part I)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Hi! Most of you visiting this course, must be familiar with the fact that mathematics is the mother of all sciences. Each branch of science is dependent in some way or another on mathematics. Mathematics is present in the symmetry of leaves, the flow of waves, the rhythm of music and in the equations of physics. From telling the mystery behind our number system to explaining the real-life examples of trigonometry and set theory, my course will equip you with a phenomenal understanding of the so-called boring subject of mathematics. The detailed stepwise solution of every question will increase your conceptual clarity and create a love for learning among all of you. I, Shehzad Yousaf, have been teaching in this field for 23 years and heading the department of mathematics at a leading institution. In addition to that. I have been setting papers at Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) and University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. In this course, we will work and strategize around learning from our mistakes rather than aiming for perfection in one go. We will learn those tactics that will help you solve tricky questions of mathematics with and without a calculator. In short, whether it is the complexity of algebra or the intricacy of the binomial theorem, my videos will make it all trouble-free and simple. And you will witness everything yourself as we go along the course. Best of luck! And see you all in the class. Shehzad Yousaf.

From the complexity of algebra to the intricacy of the binomial theorem, complete your FSc mathematics preparation via video lectures and concise notes under the guidance of experienced instructors.