The New SAT English

Hello! Welcome to my course i.e. SAT English. Before we begin, let's see what SAT is? The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. In Pakistan, thousands of students take this test every year as it's widely accepted by many local universities like LUMS, IBA, LSE etc. The SAT course on Nearpeer has been designed with intense care keeping in mind the problems faced by the Pakistani students. The medium of instructions is kept bilingual as well. We've made sure that students should never need to go to any expensive physical academy or seek help from any other resources once he/she is taking the course from The New SAT course is tailor-made so you can maximize your learning in a shorter time. The course comprises of video lectures along with the official mock exams needed to score well in SAT. Nearpeer would like to recommend you all to use its SAT course to the fullest. How? Let us recommend it! First of all, divide your SAT preparation into two phases: the content phase and the past paper practice phase. For content preparation, watch nearpeer videos and your respective SAT textbook. (Topper’s Tip: Get done with the content phase efficiently but ASAP because you need to have a big chunk of time for Test practice). After getting done with the content, jump to past papers and solve as many as possible (literally). If you find yourself going back to content, it’s totally fine! There will be many topics where you will be juggling between content and past paper and as long as you're having your concepts cleared efficiently, you're good to go. Students will also be given a schedule, by following that they can prepare and cover the course material in stipulated time. In addition to that, students can also engage with each other and with the instructor via Facebook classroom groups and can ask whatever query they might have. See you all in the class! Ammar Ali Ayub. Click here to join Facebook Group Link

SAT English is an online course with video lectures, practice material and official diagnostic paper, 24/7 instructor' assistance and essay evaluation service to help you score 1300+ in SAT.