IELTS by Rabea Babar

Welcome everyone to Nearpeer's Online IELTS Preparatory course, carefully designed to assist and guide aspiring students in their preparation for the world’s most popular and sought after English proficiency test, IELTS. Before we begin, let me introduce myself to you Hailing from the city of Fakeers and malangs, I am an obsessor of words, a fervent collector of ancient recipes, a trainee yogi, an ardent Sufi listener, a Melbournian but foremost - a die-hard Lahori. By profession, I am a qualified academic trainer and assessment validator from Australia with specialization in English Language Teaching (CELTA, Melbourne) and Assessment Validation (TAE, Melbourne) with a career span of teaching the English Language to multi-cultural communities in Melbourne, Tasmania, Fiji, East Timor for over a decade. In this course, we will ✓ Understand all the essential information about the IELTS Test. ✓ Discover the most important IELTS Writing exam tips. ✓ Prepare for the IELTS Speaking test at home with some great preparation advice. ✓ Find out how the IELTS exam is assessed? ✓ Practice IELTS reading and IELTS listening with sample tests. If you are still wondering "Why you should take this course with me?" Read on! Well, I tend to offer a new paradigm in learning with engaging strategies in light of the brain-based theories postulated by the Educational Psychologist, Rich Allan, believing that the brain receives, processes, stores, and recalls information only memory is triggered. My sessions are replete with fun games, visuals, videos, activities, peer engagement, and most importantly reading recommendations that would lift your IELTS preparation to an epic journey of discovery, growth, and skill development. Last but not least, I want all my students to STOP – SPOT - SWAP; stop the conventional text-based rote learning approach to English language learning, spot the engaging and enriching ways to connect with the language and swap the old practices with new learning habits for - nothing is fun, unless you have a passion for it! And I hope you have that passion. See you in the course! Rabea Babar.

Start your IELTS preparation with this detailed and self-paced online course covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking along with ample practice quizzes, mock exams and one-to-one sessions.