English Precis and Composition

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Study all you want, work as hard as you can – fail ONE CSS exam and it does not matter how well you scored in all the other exams! Around 97% of the students who appeared for the 2020 CSS examinations could not make it past the written part. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed this trend, where such a large percentage of students fail, mostly because they flunk either of the English exams (English Essay/English Precis and Composition or both!). English Precis and Composition is considered to be one of the toughest CSS subjects. I beg to differ! It is actually simplest of them all. You do not need to cram any books. We make it difficult for ourselves by overcomplicating its study process and constantly looking for teachers or books- anything that would “make us pass” this exam. All you need is DIRECTION! Once you have this direction, you must be dedicated enough to work hard and practice and you’re good to go. Thus, to help all the people who’ve been asking me how to study for the English Precis and Composition exam, I have designed this course in the most comprehensive but simplest of manners possible. There is no particular book that you could consult for this exam and feel prepared. So, this course is an attempt to bring everything needed for this exam in one place.

English Precis Video lectures for CSS cover the entire range of syllabus with past paper analysis, answer-attempting techniques along with high-scoring tips and tricks.