English Essay Past Papers

One of the most commonly known facts about CSS is that more than ninety-percent of the time, it is English Essay that makes or breaks an aspirants' success in the exams. On the other hand, there is an information overload and speculative theories when it comes to this subject. To top it all, most of the content provided by traditional academies and instructors is usually outdated. Hence, to address this conundrum, we are covering some of the most important topics from the year-2016 onwards. These lectures will include outlines on these topics along with detailed explanations and resources to prepare the same. Through this, not only will you bring yourself up to speed on the subject but also get the much needed confidence, perspective and inspiration to tackle the most critical exam in CSS. Happy Learning! Instructors: 1. Abrar Ahmed (CSS 2017 | PAS, 21st Position) 2. Daud Saleemi (CSS 2019 | PAS, 2nd Position)

CSS English Essay Past Paper solution