Current Affairs Past Papers

Current Affairs paper is one of the most important courses when it comes to CSS preparation. It does not matter which paper you are attempting; as a CSS aspirant you must be pro at Current affairs. Usually students prepare current affairs but they do not know how to showcase their knowledge in exam. One thing an aspirant should keep in mind is that if examiner asks same question in two different papers then answers will be different accordingly. Similarly, examiner have hundreds of papers in front of him and he/she does not have enough time to read each and every word of yours. In this case you have to present your paper in such a way that examiner can understand your stance in less time. Hamza Nazir (Instructor) has scored highest marks in this subject and will be guiding you how you can secure maximum marks in your paper. Nearpeer is burning candle at both ends to make your CSS journey easier. Good Luck!

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