To know the advantages and drawbacks of F.Sc and A-Level, we’re here with a simple and straightforward guide for you! Keep reading to learn the difference between F.Sc and A-Level.

What is A-Level in Pakistan?

We’ve heard a lot about O and A-Level from our friends and family but we still don’t know what it means and includes. Even if you’re interested in choosing F.Sc or F.A, you should have an idea about the Cambridge degree; A-Level and must know that A-Level is equal to which grade in Pakistan.  

A-Level is equivalent to F.Sc or 11th and 12th grade and is conducted by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The 11th class is known as A-Level (Advanced Subsidiary) while the 12th class is either called A2 or A-Level (Advanced Level) and it includes a wide range of subjects with a compulsion to choose at least three out of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer studies, law, economics, business studies, and more.

A Brief About F.Sc

In Pakistan, it’s hard to find intermediate-level students who actually know what F.Sc’s full form is. Even the students of F.Sc don’t have a clue about it. Some even say that F.A stands for “Fine Arts” which is totally wrong. The full form of F.A is “Faculty of Arts” and while the F.Sc degree stands for “Faculty of Science.

F.Sc is more common as compared to A-Level amongst students of Pakistan. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) is responsible for conducting this science-based program every year. You can find two subject groups as Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical in F.Sc that include compulsory subjects; Islamiyat, Urdu, English, and Pakistan Studies. However, in addition to these, depending on the subject group, one either gets to study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (Pre-Engineering) or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Pre-Medical).

Significant Differences between FSc and A-level in Pakistan

So, honorable friends, behold some significant differences between F.Sc and A-Level in Pakistan that will help YOU decide whether you should go for F.Sc or A-Level. 

The Biggest Difference: Student Life and Environment

You were definitely concerned the most about this, weren’t you? Well, it sure is a factor that can change one’s plan of going f

or F.Sc to A-Level or vice versa. We’re going to talk about how the life of a student in both of the degrees is.

  • F.Sc
  • - FSC students are more into studies. They would be studying most of the time because of, you know, peer pressure from family. Their parents keep on reminding them about the intense competition of MDCAT/ECAT so the majority of them would be just focusing on such things. 

- F.Sc is mostly about memorizing the subjects to the best of one’s ability and this advantages students the most in memorizing Quranic verses and Ahadith and getting outstanding overall marks. This ultimately leads them to high-ranking local universities for their further studies.

- Due to the overload, they choose to enjoy watching movies, playing games, sharing memes on social media, or hanging out with friends in their spare time. F.Sc students barely get a chance to participate in engaging activities as A-Level students do. 

    A Level 

    - A-Level students have more exposure, let’s face it. They are into various activities like listening to podcasts and doing what is trendy among their social circle. A majority of A-Level students have plans to apply for foreign scholarships so participating in productive activities strengthens their admission and scholarship application. 

    - The studies revolve around learning the fundamentals and concepts behind the topics and this advantages students in their future studies even if they want to apply to high-ranking foreign universities.

    - To be honest, the life (or should I say ‘the routine’) of the A-Level students is tough since they have to dedicate their time to studies as well as spending time engaging in productive activities.

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    Different Levels of Learning

    The next thing that you would be concerned about is the type of courses and concepts in both degrees. We have conceptualized F.Sc as an easier catch than A-Level. 

    It’s kinda true. The concepts are definitely the same in both the courses but there’s a difference in the intensiveness of the subjects. A-Level students have to learn a topic like a master but F.Sc students don’t. 

    Sounds like this point depicts F.Sc as an easy one, unlike A-Level. 

    The Difference in Examinations

    Examination - such a little difference, but very useful to learn if you want to choose between F.Sc and A-Level. It’s not about the types of exams or the paper pattern, it’s about how and when you can attempt the examinations of both degrees. 

    Usually, in Pakistan, the parents and students don’t know much about O or A-Level studies. All they know is that there’s an annual examination system whether it’s matric/intermediate or O/A Level. However, this system is only valid for intermediate level whereas one can attempt A-Level exams twice a year; either in May/June and October/November. 


    Here comes the important part again; F.Sc or A-Level, what should you do? It IS possible to go for A-Level after matric but it’s strictly not advised. Though many will say, “Go for A-Level, it’s a more prestigious degree” while there will be people with their opinion, “Bro, F.Sc is the best!”

    But the question is, who should you listen to? It’s simple; listen to your heart, your thoughts, and your desires. People will give their opinions, some of them will even force you to follow their opinions, but remember that it’s just what THEY think you should do and not what you should actually do. 

    We’re pretty sure you’ve already made up your mind about this now, haven’t you? 

    If not, don’t worry, our student counselors are ready 24/7 to give you the best advice on making the right choice FOR FREE! Contact us now at 03111444734 and you’ll end up picking the best degree for you. Once you’ve chosen your favorite degree, check out Nearpeer’s F.Sc and A-Level courses to nail your results. 



    1. 1. Is DAE equivalent to intermediate?

    Yes, you can enroll in DAE after matriculation if you’re not interested in going for F.Sc, F.A, ICS, etc. 

    1. 2. Should I do FSC or A level after O level or Metric?

    It depends. If you’ve studied matriculation, then you should go for F.Sc - but if you’ve studied O-Level, then A-Level is your way to go! 

    1. 3. Can I do A-level without O level?

    No, you cannot go to an advanced level without studying the basic level first. So, after passing the O level, you can go for A level.

    1. 4. Can I do A level after matric?

    You can get enrolled in A-Level after matriculation but it is strictly not advised. The courses and levels of studies are quite different and it is almost impossible for a student to pass A-Level without studying O-Level first. 

    1. 5. What is the age for A-Level?

    18 years is the final age for giving A-Level exams according to the British Council.

    1. 6. Can I do 2 A levels in one year?

    You can but you definitely shouldn’t even try to. Mental health, sleep, and activities other than studying are super important. 

    1. 7. What are the 11th and 12th called in Pakistan?

    It’s either called “Intermediate” (local degree), “A-Level” (International degree), or “Secondary Education.”

    1. 8. Is FSc easier than A-Level?

    Generally, F.Sc is easier than A-Level because of the type of subjects F.Sc has. Also, you have to be very precise and conceptual to be able to go for A-Level. Ultimately, it’s completely your choice. Read the points in the article above very carefully to decide what’s best for you. 

    1. 9. Can I do FSC again after passing FSC?

    Yes, you can repeat your F.Sc studies if you’re not happy with your results. Remember, you can go for three attempts at max. After that, your registration from your state’s Education Board will expire and you will have to re-enter yourself as a candidate if you want to repeat it for the fourth time. 

    1. 10. Can I repeat FSc?

    Yes, but only 3 times. 

    1. 11. Should I do F.Sc or A level for medical?

    For medical, it is strongly advised that you go for F.Sc

    1. 12. Can I do FSC after O levels?

    Yes, you can but it’s better to go for A-Level after O-Level so adjusting yourself doesn’t get difficult for you.