How Can I Get A* in O level in Pakistan studies

“How to get an A* in Pakistan Studies in O-Level” is the question of thousands of IGCSE students across Pakistan, including you. The good thing is that you will find the right answer right here on this page!

What we’re going to do is to explain everything from zero to a hundred through our step-by-step guide. By the end of this article, you’ll know what you need to do to get that stubborn A* in Pakistan Studies during your O-level. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it!

The Two Books You Need to Work On

The first thing that you need to know about getting an A* in O-Level Pakistan Studies is that there will be two books that you’ll have to prepare for your exams from.

1. The History and Culture of Pakistan

2. The Environment of Pakistan

In “The History and Culture of Pakistan”, as the name implies, you have to study and learn the background (events, dates, etc.) and traditions of Pakistan whereas in “The Environment of Pakistan”, you’ll need to cover the topics like business, agriculture, population, linguistics, and means of transport.

The Trick to Get an A* in O-Level Pakistan Studies

This point is exactly the reason why you’re here. We will tell you how you can be smart, not hard, with your studies. Let’s begin with “the time you are left with till your Pakistan Studies exams,” shall we?

Before anything, there should be an excellent understanding of time. The most basic way to prepare for your Pakistan Studies exams through a study plan is to know exactly how much time you have before that. Once you know that, you can easily divide your concentration into different topics with the number of days. 

So, let’s say you only have 30 days till your exams. Let’s start the preparations for 

The History and Culture of Pakistan

Take the following two general tips that will change your life!

1. You need to make yourself comfortable learning the difficult topics so the easy ones don’t bother you at all. 

2. You must know the right strategies to solve questions of different weightage in the O-Level Pakistan Studies exam. Let’s dig into the RIGHT strategies!

The 4 mark question:

Let’s call these questions “Easy Peasies” because that’s what they are. Don’t just focus on the questions of high weightage or else you’ll miss these marks-boosting questions. Since you have your O-Level Pakistan Studies book in your hand, do not let go of the little details like events, achievements, dates, personalities. All of this is going to help you get maximum marks in your Pakistan Studies exam.

Important: DO NOT give these questions much time - you’ll have a lot more questions to solve. 5 minutes to each of these questions would be more than enough.

How To Solve The 7-Mark Question?

These questions are a piece of cake for sure. All you need to do is to elaborate on 3-4 relevant points related to these questions and no one will stop you from getting that A* in Pakistan Studies of O-Level. The answer shouldn’t include more than 4 points and less than 3 points, keeping in mind the weightage of the question. 

You have a maximum of 4 points to help you explain the topic so make sure that you’re extremely focused on the relevancy of your answer. Irrelevance won’t earn you marks. 

The best tip you can get on this is to know how to write. “Baatein banaani aani chaahiye.” But don’t overdo it - you don’t have a lot of room for the answer. 

The Trick to Solve 10 and 14 Mark Questions

We call these questions “The Game Changers.” Why? Because they literally have a lot of easy marks in store for you. 

It’s not only about the main body of your answer but also about showing the examiner that you have amazing knowledge regarding that particular topic.

IMPORTANT: Questions with 10 and 14 marks of weightage obviously require more time to be solved. Make sure that you keep up your time management during your O-Level Pakistan Studies exam or you won’t be able to give proper time to other questions - hence, unsatisfactory results.

MUCH MORE IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to use past papers from the last 3-4 years, they will magically help you with your A* dream. This exam from “The History and Culture of Pakistan” will greatly determine your final result and so there’s no way you should miss this component. 

The Environment of Pakistan

What’s better than an exam with choices? Nothing!

This paper will include 5 questions and you’ll have to attempt any 3. You’ll need to cover the following topics to get an A* in this Pakistan Studies exam.

Instead of going through the book for the preparation, it is advised that you go through your syllabus and then practice past papers. Most of the students don’t know how to get the most out of past papers. We will tell you that as well!

The proper way to go through the past papers is to always attempt it entirely. Basically, you’ll be your own examiner and you will have to solve it as if you’re attempting the official examination. When you’re finished attempting the past paper, you’ll know ke aap kitne paani mein ho. These online O/A level courses will help you to ace your exams.

The Six-Mark Questions

Let us tell you the two ways to identify these questions in the exam:

  1. It will include “To what extent
  2. There will be two statements and “which statement do you agree with more” written. 

Many students often get confused between the terms "state" and "describe." If the question has the word "state" in it, then you only have to "state" the issue and not describe it. You must describe it only if you find the word "describe" in the question. 

Oh, and it would be amazing if you don't use normal vocabulary in your answers. The vocabulary must be according to the topic. For example, use the word "deforestation" instead of writing "the forest areas across the world are decreasing." It's always impactful!

Bonus Tip

Do not miss your prayers! The only way to succeed in your life goals is to submit your will to Allah through your ibaadah. You will make the attempt and Allah will give you the results.

It's definitely a good thing to aim for high grades in your O Level Pakistan Studies but it's not healthy if this urge overpowers you. You don't always get the result you want. Plus, even if you don't get an A* in O Level Pakistan studies, you will have the chance to improve your grade.

Some more useful tips:

Best of luck with your A* in the O Level Pakistan Studies! 

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