Embarking on the journey towards admission to the esteemed National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is an exciting prospect. For aspiring students eyeing the NUST Entry Test NET 2024, this blog serves as a step-by-step guide on navigating the intricacies of the application process. Let's dive into the details to ensure a smooth and successful registration.

Understanding the NUST Entry Test NET

What is NUST Entry Test NET?

The NUST Entry Test NET plays a pivotal role in the admission process, with four series conducted annually. Discover the significance of achieving the highest marks, which are considered for admission.

NET Registration Fee

Candidates are required to pay a registration fee of 3700 rupees for one course. For those applying to multiple courses, such as Engineering, Business Studies, Architecture Design, and LLB, separate fees apply.

How to Apply for NUST Entry Test (NET) Registrations

Navigating the NUST UG Admissions Website Portal

Begin the process by accessing the NUST Undergraduate Admissions Website Portal. Whether you are a new applicant or returning, the blog provides a step-by-step guide for a hassle-free experience.

Click Here to go to the portal.

Read Instructions Before Applying

Accuracy is key. Learn how to provide precise personal and academic information through the online form to avoid any potential hiccups in the admission process.

Click Here to Read the Instructions Required Before Applying

  1. New Applicants: Click the Signup Button
  2. Provide your basic information and a functional email address.
  3. Ensure your email is accessible as further details will be shared there.
  4. Returning Applicants: Use Previous Email as User ID
  5. Login using your email as the User ID and the password sent to you via email.
  6. Complete Personal and Academic Details
  7. After login, furnish accurate personal and academic information in the online form.
  8. Avoid errors, as incorrect information may lead to admission cancellation.
  9. Upload Passport Size Picture in JPG Format
  10. Enhance your application with a passport-size photo in JPG format.
  11. Select Course Preferences
  12. Indicate your course preferences with a few clicks.
  13. Choose Payment Mode for NUST Registration Fee
  14. Select your preferred payment method for the NUST registration fee.
  15. Submit and Download NUST Fee Challan
  16. Click 'Next' and submit your form.
  17. Download the NUST fee challan in PDF format for payment at any HBL branch.
  18. Login Again to Enter Fee Challan Details
  19. Re-enter the portal to input fee challan details and finalize your submission.
  20. Confirmation Email Upon Fee Challan Verification
  21. Receive a confirmation email post fee challan verification.
  22. Select Entry Test Date and Time
  23. Choose your preferred date and time for the entry test.
  24. Download Admit Card with NET Roll Number
  25. Your admit card, featuring your NET roll number, will be available post-verification.

Prepare for success at NUST by following these detailed steps. Your academic journey starts with meticulous registration.