Every other CSS Aspirant strives to score high in Criminology. However, to score high marks in any particular subject requires a certain jargon of that subject. It follows relevant examples and a particular pattern to deal with answers according to the demand of the examiner. Just to make this easy I have attached a sample solved question for all the CSS Aspirants to understand the pattern that can help them to get good marks in any subject of the CSS Exam.

This is a Sample answer to extract the pattern students can follow to get maximum marks. However, the link to access detailed solved past papers is attached at the end of the blog. It is actually solved by a student who scored highest in criminology. 

Sample Question

What is the role of community policing in curtailing the problem of crime in Pakistan? | Question 6 | CSS 2022 | Ehtisham Akbar | 81 Score in Criminology CSS 2022 |

Question Breakdown


Community Policing



Understanding the concept of Community Policing

Role of Community Policing in curtailing the Problem of Crime in Pakistan

Japan’s Model of Community Policing

Applying Social Bond Theory: The concept of Community Policing to curtail Problem of crime in Pakistan



Law and enforcement agencies all the time look towards finding ways to prevent crime in society. The concept of community policing revolves around the way towards the prevention of crime. It is a modern tool to curtail crime in society. Through community policing, law and enforcement agencies come close to the common people. They strengthen their social ties with the local community. There comes a bridge between them and the people. Through this flow of information becomes easy. For the police, it becomes easy to know the dynamics of any particular community. They understand the type of vulnerabilities that can happen in a particular area. It helps them to know the locals of any community. People with increasing ties can trust the police easily. They tell them issues and complaints easily. When people start trusting law and enforcement agencies. They help those making laws and implementing them in society. People follow those rules and never break laws to commit a crime. Similarly, for police, it becomes easy to highlight red areas and figure out any groups that can harm society In the future. The concept of community policing is to prevent crime before it happens and bring police and people together to curtail crime in a society. In the meantime, in Pakistan crime is increasing day by day. Through community policing, it can be curtailed. Through this concept, police can trust on few local people to keep an eye on changing dynamics. They can set up complaints houses to hear people and respond to emergencies easily. Patrolling officers always move in streets monitor movements and keep street criminals away. They can educate people about preventive measures. Police can check all the street lights and cameras are working to keep deterrence among people. It also helps in the accountability of law and enforcement agencies. 

“The Police Needs the Community and the Community Needs the Police”

Monique Bond

Understanding the concept of Community Policing:

The concept of community policing is to bring law and enforcement agencies close to the community. Where local people can interact directly with the police. They get to know about concerned people in their locality. Similarly, police get access to all vulnerable areas of the particular. Police officer stays safe during investigations and search operations. It bridges the gap between police and people. Through community policing, police can be accountable to the public. It can educate people about laws and safety measures to stop happening of crime.

Example from Pakistan:

“SSP Syed Riaz Haider Bukhari on Saturday formally inaugurated ‘community policing desk’ in the Muzaffarabad oldest City Police Station as a pilot project to “convince people to settle their petty disputes through dialogue and reconciliation rather than the traditional policing and litigation.”


Role of Community Policing in curtailing the Problem of Crime in Pakistan

There are many ways through which police can curtail the problems of crime in Pakistan.

1) Educating Civilians to adopt practices that can prevent happening of crime

Law and enforcement agencies in Pakistan can curtail the problem of crime. The purpose of community policing is to prevent crime before it happens in society. Through the strategy of educating civilians. Police can tell people how they can decrease opportunities for criminals. They can guide them to take certain measures to prevent the occurrence of crime in their locality.

“Even a single Bulb in the street can prevent crime”

 Larry Siegel: Criminology

2) Introduction of Foot-Based Patrol

It takes a long time for the police to respond to emergencies without the concept of community policing. Through community policing, most of the time patrol is done on bikes. They can reach easily any place within time. Similarly, it gets easy for police to chase criminals. The presence of a police force in local areas can keep deterring criminal groups.

Example: The introduction of the Eagle Squad in Islamabad is the concept of community policing in Pakistan                    

3)Keeping an Eye on The Citizen’s Daily Routine

Community policing helps police to keep an eye on the citizen’s daily routines. They knew several people living in particular areas. What do they do and what are their routines to move around? Police know all the daily activities of the people. So, if there is any suspicious move from a few people. It can alert police to take notice and take a few actions to monitor. They keep updating their information systems and surveillance tools. 

4) Increasing ties between Police and People to know about insights

To prevent crime in the community. It is not the only duty of the police but the people also must follow the laws of the state. Increasing effective communication between police and people is important to prevent crime. Through community policing, it becomes easy for the police to increase the social bond of the local community. They can collect the right information and even can trust on few persons to monitor things when the police are not around. Law and enforcement agencies keep a few local people in the loop to collect information for them and report uncertainties.

5) Police can early warn about happening of any uncertain situations

     There is a mechanism for red alerts in Pakistan. Police can announce an emergency in any particular area. Through the concept of community policing. Police in Pakisthasave a way to warn people about threats in their community. Before the police settle down the issue. People can take care of their belongings and can take preventive measures. Like people do not go out late at night. Make sure the main doors are locked before sleeping. These efforts with the help of the police can be the reason behind the prevention of crimes.

6) Improving the mechanism of intelligence-led policing

The purpose of intelligence-led operations is to stop crime before it happens. To do this police have to be informed before any event. To gather information about that event. Community policing helps a lot. Law enforcement agencies keep their people in private uniforms and in civil attire to keep an eye on the people. This helps them to gather information and they can stop any particular event before it rises.

7) Way towards rehabilitation of minor offenders who can be the cause of heinous crimes in the future 

Community policing can help rehabilitate minor offenders or people who just started being deviant. Through community policing, police can rehabilitate those who can be the reason behind many heinous crimes in the future. Similarly, in Pakistan Street crimes are very common. With the help of community policing taking different non-governmental organizations on the board. They can catch and educate those offenders to put them back into society. The objective of community policing is not only to stop crime. However, it has the objective to educate people and guide them to stay away from breaking state laws.

“Socialization has the power to make every impossible possible.”

 Book: Down to Earth Approach

Japanese Model of Community Policing: Way Forward for Pakistan to Curtail Problem of Crime In Pakistan

 The majority of the community police in Japan operate out of "police stations," which are positioned in localities across the nation. Police are better able to comprehend the security situation in the communities they serve as well as the perceptions, needs, and concerns of the locals when they are posted there. Shift services are provided around the clock at police boxes in urban regions. A single officer, who lives with his or her family in residential housing adjacent to the office, staff police boxes in rural and semi-rural areas. The sizes of police boxes range greatly. A police box includes office space, a kitchen, and a break room for the cops. A reception area is known as a "community lounge". For use in patrols and trips to and from police headquarters, small police cars are allocated to too many police boxes. Residents can quickly recognize police boxes through a red lamp above the entryway. The fundamental responsibilities of an officer stationed at a police box include keeping watch outside the box, keeping watch inside the box, and carrying out field responsibilities like patrols and door-to-door visits to residences and companies. These tasks are carried out by a timetable. Officers on patrol question suspicious individuals, make arrests, issue warnings, react to criminal complaints, and offer advice to locals and visitors.

Applying Social Bond Theory: The concept of Community Policing to curtail Problem of crime in Pakistan

The stance that social bond theory holds is that people who live in the community. They hold strong social bonds and there is less chance that those people will go towards criminal behavior. Similarly, community policing helps police to make a strong social bond with local people. When people and police are closer they create a strong feeling of togetherness. Therefore, it becomes easy for the police to guide laws to the people and they follow those laws easily. When there the development of strong bond between them. It is easy for people to follow the normal norms of society. So, community policing is a great help to curtail problems of the crime in Pakistan.


In a nutshell, community policing is a way to bring law enforcement agencies and people close to each other. The police can’t fight against crime alone. To overcome crime for a longer time. It is mandatory to take local people in the loop. Through community policing, police can curtail the problem of crime in Pakistan. They can guide people to take protective measures. Similarly, police can look towards street lights and security cameras. It is community policing that can respond to emergencies in the meantime. People can trust the police and submit their complaints easily. Even if it is community policing police can solve local disputes at the local level easily. To curtail problems of crime in society, police can take action against minor offenders toward their rehabilitation. So that in future they cannot take part in any illegal activities.

“People and Police Together”

The slogan on Islamabad Police Vans

You might have understood the point I wanted to make here. It is not difficult to score high in any subject of CSS. Meanwhile, students have to put a little extra effort into showing their papers differently. They can only present their paper differently through the strategies I used in sample answers and the steps I write below to follow now.

Five Important Steps to Follow Now:

1) Learn paper-attempting techniques to write and present your paper well.

2) Complete your syllabus 

3) Make a fact book about Criminology and note down important statistics.

4) Learn the names of a few books and their perspectives to quote in the exam.

5) Your every answer must carry numeric facts and quotes.

6) Check Solved past papers in Criminology.

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