Tell Stories and Be Heard by Millions

Storytelling is actually sharing of stories where there is a cultural one or someone is directing his or her own story. Its purpose is entertainment for preservation of culture, sharing of cultural norms and all that but the art of storytelling is about creating magic in your words. You have to present the story in a way that you are capturing your audience in emotions. If your story is sad you have to create in that way. And if it is a happy story you have to present it in a happy mood. Even if it's comedy, the scenes should be funny. Art of storytelling is totally different from reading, in storytelling you have to create magic in your words. In this course we will learn about what is storytelling, how do we add fun elements in the stories, how do we engage the audience, how to make the environment friendly and what are techniques that are used to select a story which suits you or your audience. This course is not something which is very common in our culture. If we look around we usually hear stories from our parents or grandparents but this skill is not offered as a course. But you can earn from this profession as well. It's different from other courses because you don’t need conventional learning in this course. It's just about 2-3 techniques that you need to learn and we are ready to roll in this profession.

Learn how to do storytelling and start earning from it.