Become a High Ranked Freelancer and Make More than 2000 Dollars per month

Are you ready to go freelance? Or are you wanting to learn everything about how to become a successful freelancer? Interested in going from part-time to full-time or wanting to explore this is a viable career option? This course has a special focus on creative freelancers or anyone who uses their creative skill sets in their craft. This includes: Graphic Designers Illustrators Photographers Website Designers UX/UI Designers Anyone who has creative skills that wants to go freelance Although everyone can get a ton out of this class, even if you do not use creative talents in your line of work. This extensive course reviews all aspects of the freelancing process including: Setting Our Goals Writing our Story, Bios, Profiles, Mission Statements Finding Our Target Market Going through the Personal Freelance Branding Process Building our Portfolios both Online and PDF portfolios Finding Clients Online Finding Clients Offline Building an Upwork Profile Together Walking through Hourly and Fixed Rate Pricing Finding our Perfect Hourly Rate Working through Practice Quotes Creating a Contract and talking about Contract Basics Finding out when to go Full-time Working with Money and our Cash Flow Reviewing many different Client Situations, we can be in and how to handle them After finding clients, sometimes working with clients can be just as challenging. We will learn how to create contracts that properly protect us and talk about upfront deposits, project scope and more. Who this course is for: Creative Freelancers Graphic Designers Photographers Digital Designers Web designers UX/UI designers Anyone with creative skills wanting to go freelance Those who are part-time wanting to go full-time Those who have yet to build their freelance business

Are you wanting to learn everything about how to become a successful freelancer? This is your course.