Basic English Grammar with Namra Nasyr

Hey! If you can read this, you are among the few lucky individuals who can READ in English. Now that we know how capable you are, let’s begin our journey towards WRITING and SPEAKING in English, too! What’s in it for You? • Basics of English Grammar • Tips to avoid common errors in English usage • Tricks to memorize the ‘intense’ rules of Tenses • Techniques to understand the crooked figures and crazy parts of speech • Ability to speak and understand (listening and comprehension) English • Vocabulary enhancement through context and examples • Writing exercises to amplify your fluency and accuracy in preparing good pieces of writing • Foundation to prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and other English Language Assessments • Readiness for the English language section of other Aptitude, Diagnostic, Placement, Achievement, and Proficiency Tests Disclaimer: You might have heard Mr. Bachchan's famous dialogue that ‘English is a funny language’, but learning it may not be as much fun when it is not taught in a fun and engaging way. I used to love those teachers who put in an extra effort in helping me learn easily, and their being humorous would be a big plus! Even in my course, you will find traces of that fondness in the form of memes, comics, cartoon/movie references, puns, mnemonics, and 'baji jokes' (a milder form of dad jokes :p). And honestly, if you are one of those serious, nerdy, teacher-flattering geeks, who are only fond of boring classes, this course may not be for you. But do give it a try. You never know, your academic taste might improve! 😉 Course Requirements: • A gadget (phone/laptop/PC) with good speakers/earphones/headphones. • Basic understanding of Urdu/Hindi (since this is a bilingual course, especially made for the students of the subcontinent) • Passion to learn • Focus on your goal Hi! I am Namra Nasyr (pronounced as Nasir, but spelled the way I like it :p), your English mentor. I graduated in Sociology with distinction, and completed my MPhil in Education Policy and Development from the University of the Punjab. I have traveled to more than 8 countries on fully-funded international exchange programs. I am an ex-government official, certified SOL Trainer, and digital content creator. I have worked with Lahore Grammar School, KIPS, Alif Laila Book Bus Society, Apex Consulting, MAO College, and many others. Currently, I am working as the Creative Director and Head of Skills & Trainings at How am I qualified for teaching this course? Well, I wrote this entire description by myself, isn't this enough of an evidence? :p To know more, enroll now! :) Why this Course? 1. You are a job-seeker/applicant/candidate who needs to present herself/himself in a job application. Today, English proficiency is neither a status symbol nor a sign of slave-mindedness, rather it is a SKILL that will help you connect, communicate, pitch, and even sell your abilities! Often, we see immensely talented individuals not being able to make it big just because they do not know how to present themselves. IF you are one of them, this Course is for you! 2. You are a student who needs to switch from Urdu/Hindi medium to English medium syllabus. This often happens right after matriculation or high school, when you are about to move to College or University and are unable to cope with the upgraded English medium course. The mode of instruction may be bilingual, but the assignments, quizzes, and even exams are in English, and that directly affects your grades. 3. You are a freelancer and want to work online. To understand the website, you need to have a grip on basic English. Moreover, when taking orders, it is important that you understand the demand of the client, whether they are locals or foreigners. You would even need to have a command over the English language to gain expertise or enhance your skill set in your particular domain. Get enrolled! 4. You are a homemaker, a mom, a housewife; a lady who has given her entire life to her family and children, and now wants to work on herself. You want to learn English to gain more confidence while interacting with your family and friends, or my be start earning from home. Or you are going through such circumstances where you need to start earning but your communication skills are weak, especially in English. You go girl, this is for you! 5. You are a girl who is fond of learning but is not allowed to enroll in an institute in a physical space. You cannot go out of your home for learning English, so I’ll bring English right into your home! 6. You want to learn English but there is no (or non-credible) English language institute present in your area/vicinity/city. Online learning is the best solution! 7. You want to apply for an international exchange program, and need to write an exceptionally impressive application; one which will make you stand out among all others. What to expect? Course content (of course); a handful of humor; cool ways to make learning easy, fun, and memorable; practice exercises; quizzes; live sessions with your favorite instructor (yep, that's me!); a vivid and quantifiable level of improvement in your English proficiency; and lots of positive vibes! What not to expect? You’ll start conversing in English like a Hollywood actor right after the completion of this course. Nope, not happening, unless you're a native English speaker. For the rest of you, practice, patience, and persistence, my friends! We’ve got a long way to go. So let’s begin! Don’t worry, just take a Skill-Pill! 😉 Yours, Namra

Beginner to advanced level ESL Course, which will change the course of your communication in English!