Art of Effective Communication with Ammaar Bin Saleem

A concrete guide to personality development and building lasting relationships through the art of effective communication. Visualize a setting where you are confident when it comes to communicating your thoughts to others, you are sure you’ll be able to deliver a wonderful presentation, you are certain that you’ll make wonderful and lasting relationships with people because your personality automatically compliments your words and your gestures. Why is it that organizations devote enormous amounts of money to learning about the diverse behaviors of their consumers, getting human insights and training their employees to be remarkably skilled at communicating with internal and external audiences? I believe the key idea to realize here is that regardless of the profession we are in or how automated our work may have gotten, at the end of the day, we are communicating with people and they deserve the very best that we have to offer. On the other side of the phone, it could be a consumer, a colleague, your boss, a friend, a prospect, no matter who it is, they deserve to feel as if they are the most important people to you in the world. This course on Communication Skills is a product of multiple life learnings and the lessons that I have been able to grasp from several great books. Who is this course for? This course on Communication Skills has been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of people at different stages in their lives. It can be taken up by a student as young as 15 and by industry professionals who aim to enhance their professional and personal lives by communicating better. This short course will at least straighten the direction of your learning; you can then work on strengthening your skills to be absolutely remarkable. You’ll soon realize that this course coincides a lot with personality development. What does this course entail? During the next couple of days, we’ll talk about multiple aspects of our personalities that affect how we communicate and manage ourselves. I have, with a lot of care, developed the modules in this course, in order for you to have an unambiguous idea as to what communication really is. Together, we’ll bust several myths surrounding communication skills, learn some of the steps involved in mastering a new skill, discuss some of the major and most effective techniques that could quickly bring a change in your personality and ability to put your ideas across effectively. In addition to a variety of other noteworthy components of this course, you’ll learn how to deliver effective presentations, if there’s one thing that professional life has taught me, it’s that you’ll always have to deliver presentations if you want to succeed. Why should one take this course? People will only know about you if you’ll communicate with them. One can be a remarkable engineer, a great doctor, a sincere politician, but if they are not able to put their ideas across when it’s time to table them, what good is that? You might never be able to bring your ideas to fruition. A lot of the times it is the perceptions that bother us the most, the false ideas that we set in our minds and the wrong messages that we keep telling ourselves that eventually leave us lowering our self-worth. Stay tuned to the lessons in this course as they will inShaaAllah help you take a step-by-step approach to becoming skilled at conversations and maintaining lasting relationships with people. Note: This course focuses on the elevation of your oral communication (not written communication skills) and personality development

A concrete guide to personality development and building lasting relationships through the art of effective communication.