One Paper Solution (Patrolling Officer Motorway)

The Patrol officer in the National Highway and Motorway Police department course at Near peer has been designed with a vision to become the best learning course for preparation for which the precisely relevant and up-to-date material is hard to find. It has been launched after extensive and comprehensive research and studies of scant yet all sources available and has been designed after careful and extensive analysis of: • Patrol Officer in NH&MP Job duties. • Patrol Officer test Syllabus and Physical standards requirements • Federal Public Service Commission FPSC test patterns. • Patrol Officer Past Papers • National Highways Safety Ordinance 2000. • Effective teaching through multimodal communication. • English Grammar and Mathematics questions that repeat. It is designed in a way to cover the entire spectrum of learners – beginners, intermediate, and experts. Special Focus is on the recurring FPSC pattern that shall help aspirants in fetching higher scores. The Patrol Officer in National highways and Motorway Police department course at Near peer has the following objectives: • To impart quality preparation for the course despite the scarcity of relevant sources available for the said Job. • To familiarize the aspirants with the National Highways Ordinance so that not only do the aspirants get knowledge of laws being part of their test but they also do not find themselves misfit once they get desired allocation. • To undertake practice tests that shall enrich learning with the most appropriate method. • To identify the duties, as well as the Perks and Privileges offered in this Job, so that aspirants get a clear vision of the Job they are looking forward to. The main features of Patrol officers in National highways and Motorway Police department course offered at Near peer include • How to apply for this post? • What shall be the duties, salary, and Perks once aspirants get allocated to the desired Job. • What is the qualification criteria and who can apply for it? • What are the most important areas to be covered? • How the preparation can be covered in different parts so that the preparation is made comprehensive and easier? • What are the important and appropriate sources among the plethora of available material online? • What are the techniques that can fetch high scores? • What are department-related laws and questions being featured in the Preliminary test as well as interview? • What are the physical Standards required for the job? All of these questions have been explained in detail with concrete examples and evidence taken from credible sources. Another unique feature of this course is that it is a compilation of almost everything you need to know about Motorway police. The MCQs have been carefully designed to test your preparation on the job after thoroughly explaining the entire National Highways Safety Ordinance 2000. In addition to this, previous years' paper MCQs, have also been included in lectures. This course ensures that you get Mock Papers to take during your preparation so that you can assess your level yourself during the preparation. There shall be a Special focus on the English and Mathematics part separately. This course, thus, makes it easy for the aspirants to start the preparation for the post of Patrol Officer in the National Highway and Motor way Police department from scratch and leads them to excel in it. It not only highlights the sources and provides for the reading materials but helps in retaining the crammed knowledge as well. Let’s Join the seat of Patrolling Officer in the Prestigious National Highways and Motorway Police; it’s just a click away.

One Day Paper ( Motorway )