CAF 02 Introduction to Economics Including Test Session

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL NOTES CAF-02 Introduction to Economics By Sir Mubashir Waseem All videos are relevant and applicable for upcoming attempt. Our videos are purposely recorded and rationally edited to make them useable for multiple sessions. Each video covers its topic with sufficient detail and adequate technicalities. Video are made keeping in view the complexity and immensity of concept as well as the depth of examiner’s testing, however, concept in not pointlessly over explained. Videos are re-recorded only if there is; • A Change in syllabus of ICAP • A Change in examiner focus or testing method • An update in relevant regulation requirements (i.e. in case of change in Laws or International Standards) • A problem or technical fault in video that render it useless. • A need felt by teacher to revise, or enrich a video. However, upon sole discretion of Instructor, we may add • Additional practice questions including Past paper and latest exam question, • Additional explanatory material or discussion videos, • Additional notes or handouts etc. Nonetheless, if you find any important topic or concept missed or outdated, please inform us at or

This course will not be available for March 2022 attmept.