Math 101 - Calculus

My name is Fnu Tulha and I am a senior pursuing Computer Science at LUMS. I like to play guitar, watch Anime and teach Mathematics. I have been teaching (formally and informally) since my O levels and have been passionate about it even before that. I honestly hope the people who go on to study Calculus from this resource are able to learn Mathematics and are able to enjoy it as well. In addition, I also hope that the time that has been put to compile and create this resource is appreciated by you guys. In case of any issues, please feel free to contact me. My advice for you regarding Calculus or any Math course for that matter is practice, practice and practice. Sounds like a cliché’, right? Regardless, the only way to understand a concept you are struggling with is to make yourself face that kind of concept multiple times. However, looking at the solution of a question without thinking on your own DOES NOT count so even while watching the videos try your best to attempt a problem on your own before looking at the formal solution after which you should compare both approaches and see exactly where you went wrong. Keep this up and you will very much ace this course. I wish you all the best of luck in your preparation for one of the most amazing courses I have had the chance to take at LUMS. Before talking about the module details I would like to thank Ma’am Faiza Khan, an instructor of the Mathematics Department at LUMS and my source support for the creation of this course. Without her support it is safe to say that this course would not have been up to the level it is currently at. In addition, my source of inspiration for teaching Mathematics is Dr. Sultan Sial since the freshman Calculus class I took from him. Calculus would not have appealed to me if it weren’t for his formal mathematical derivations of limits, derivatives and integration in addition to his unique method of teaching that I got to experience in that class. Moodle Math was also used during the creation of this course as a reference and the content details can be found on the official web site. Reference: