ANTH100 - Introduction to Anthropology

At the basic level, this course introduces students to an entirely new discipline and a new way of academically viewing problems that are looked at very differently by other disciplines. More specifically: 1. To become familiar with an anthropological way of understanding the world 2. To gain an enhanced conceptual understanding of “culture” 3. To examine the processes bringing about cultural change 4. To acquire knowledge of the multiplicity of cultural systems 5. To reflect upon the nature of one’s own culture 6. To learn skills that enables them to operate in different cultural environments Note from the Instructor: I am Ahmed Naqvi, a student at LUMS. I'll be majoring in Anthropology. I hope these videos will help you in class discussions and exams. Before reading the course packs watch these videos so that you better understand what's the overall context of the reading. I am confident enough that you'll fall in love with this course after taking if from Near Peer.

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