PMA 153 L/C Complete Written and Interview Preparations

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What you will get in the course: 1) Learn how to speak confidently in Lecturette and Group Discussion 2) Understanding of the topics such as Economy, Taxation, Climate change, social media, artificial intelligence, 3) The best notes and other study materials. 4) Learn how to brainstorm and write the good essay 5) Understand how to write picture stories, pointer stories Sentence completion, WAT in given time 6) Understand how to solve military planning exercises 7) Learn the basic requirements to complete obstacles and other outdoor tasks 8) See the mock interviews, Lecturette and group discussions conducted of other aspirants 9) How to work smart to get Recommended. 10) Know the art of dressing (both shalwar kameez and coat pant) 11) Finding best ways to answer the commonly asked questions 12) Understand how to read the newspaper 13) Also, get yourself evaluated in mock interview, Lecturette etc 14) How to fill the performa, 15) How to answer strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, 16) How to introduce yourself in impressing way *the course is taught by the Instructors who have been Recommended by ISSB and have been teaching for past 8 years.

PMA 152 Long Course Initial Written Test and Interview