Physics (Part II) Crash Course

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my course Physics (Part-2). For me, science is nothing but questioning our daily life events and surroundings. We all witness many events but what makes us a science enthusiast is our ability to inquire, think and seek relevance to their very existence. I, Talal Mustafa, will humbly try to deliver the basic knowledge of analytical thinking through Physics. With more than 5 years of teaching and learning experiences, the focal point of my teaching methodology is to create a balance between conventional teaching and modern technology to explain the complex phenomenon of the world in the easiest way possible. Physics is embedded in our daily life, describing our daily activities such as the rotation of the fan, fall of objects, and the flow of water. In actions, such as walking, driving a car, or using a phone, Physics is everywhere. In my class, we will be studying the laws of Physics with their application in daily life. So that we not only learn Physics theoretically but practically as well. Excited to teach you all! Talal Mustafa.

Conceptually study torque, friction, projectile motion etc. and watch their application in real life through comprehensive video lectures and live discussions.