Test Session Part 2

Nearpeer offers you a complete prep test session, with chapter-wise, half-book, and full-book tests, to enable you to ace your board examinations. Salient Features of the test session: ✅ Optimally scheduled tests ✅ 24/7 Instructor support ✅ Exam Centric Questions ✅ Quick checking mechanism ✅ Special focus on areas of improvement ✅ Counselling for the Exams A Guideline to Test Session INSTRUCTIONS FOR FSC/ICS TEST SESSION 1. The Exam will be sent to you through Notification on our App & shared on the WhatsApp Group between 07:00 am to 09:00 am on the day of each Exam. 2. Submit your Answer Sheet within 24 hours of receiving the paper. In case of late submission, you will get your marked paper within 10-15 days of your submission. 3. Attempt the Exam using the BLUE ink. 4. Attempt the Exam on Single Spaced, Legal Sized Answer Sheets (traditionally used in exams). 5. Make sure to draw margins on each side of your Answer Sheets and mention your Nearpeer Registered Emails at the top. 6. Make sure to number the questions you are attempting as well as all pages of your Answer Sheets. 7. Make sure to cross out any rough work. 8. You are not allowed to use ink removers or whiteners; simply put a line across the part of your answer sheet you want to cross out. 9. Write your Full Name, Contact Number, Test Name (e.g. BiologyT1), your Registered Email Address on the first page of your Answer Sheet; Your answers should start from the next page. 10. Record your responses for each MCQ in the start of your Answer Sheet with the MCQ Question Number and your Chosen Option before moving on to the subjective part of the paper. 11. How to submit the paper? 11.1. Submit your Answer Sheets as a PDF file in the same notification through the Upload button. 11.2. Go to the Play Store and download the App to convert the image to PDF. (App Link: https://www.nearpeer.org/np-link/gncrmbcmvz) 11.3. Take pictures of your paper and convert them into the PDF by using the mentioned application. 12. Kindly rename the PDF file of your Answer Sheet according to the following format: [Your Full Name]- [TestName].pdf

Intermediate (FSc/ICS) Test Session