Pakistan Studies (New Syllabus)

Aaslam-o-alikum, everyone! Unfortunately, very few of us have access to truly unique material. Even if we do, that’s rarely a sustainable competitive advantage. However, I believe that our perspectives, experiences, insights, and stories make the material unique and worth everything. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, I, Muhammad Ashraf, will make sure I not only transfer theoretical knowledge that will aid you in smoothly transitioning into the course but most importantly teach you through my personal experiences. I highly believe in engaging with my students and expect the same from you all. We will not follow the traditional and monotonous learning routine, i.e., attending classes, going home, rote-learning the books, giving quizzes and exams, but more importantly, make the course interactive and interesting to learn. In short, we will make the course you find dry and boring, fun and exciting to learn, together. Meet you all in the class! Muhammad Ashraf.

Learn Pakistan studies in an interactive and engaging way from our knowledgeable instructor via detailed lectures, past papers and revision notes of Pakistan studies.