Mathematics (Part II)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Hi, students! Do you know that mathematics encompasses everything around us? It is a building block of everything we do in our lives from the laptop we use to study on Nearpeer, to the sports we play while taking study breaks and much more. I, Mazhar Fareed, with 15 years of experience, will teach you from simple algebra to trigonometric questions to complex differential equations and integration. I will make sure there is no differentiation between someone who sucks at math and someone who is somewhat pro and loves math. I will teach by taking everyone together. The course entails detailed video lectures in which I will break down all the simple and tricky questions for you and gonna make your life easy and less intimidating. In addition to that, we will use a lot of examples and do a lot of practice to make sure we get the concept 100%. So, are you guys excited to embark on these fun-filled classes? Well, I am! Mazhar Fareed.

Learn basics to complex mathematical functions through smart study syllabus of FSc. Ask expert instructors any question anytime and keep learning at your own pace.