Computer Science (Part II)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Welcome to the course! As you all are familiar with the fact that computers have made their way into all the domains of life, from a nuclear missile to a desktop computer, technology has revolutionized our lives, and the study of computer science is the backbone of technology. With 17 year of teaching computer science, I, Afraz Anwar, present to you this introductory course that’ll provide you with a broad look at the field of computer science through a variety of demonstrations and projects. We will cover both low and high-level concepts, such as how the circuits inside a computer present data to how a design system works, along with their applications in daily life. The special thing about this course is that you will be taught computer science with the help of amazing animations, simulations, and videos to make your learning super fun and easy. The engaging real-life examples will make you fall in love with the subject and exam resources will make sure you get full marks. For acing exams, all the questions will be studied according to the board pattern and the references of the past papers will be put forth. We will give key emphasis to the important concepts of each chapter and will practice a lot to ensure high scores in the exam. Best of Luck! Afraz Anwar.

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