Chemistry (Part II)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Hi, welcome to my course i.e., Chemistry (Part-2). Before we delve and study Chemistry in depth, have you guys ever wondered how a tiny 10^-8 centimeters sized particle can form a huge substance? How the oxygen, hydrogen or carbon dioxide bond is even formed? How the coke we drink and the bottle in which it comes, be formed by mere chemical reactions? By God, I cannot even imagine it properly! Well, then let's indulge in all the chemical reactions and see how, why and when all these reactions occur and give us the final product. I, Bilal Nazeer, having more than 10 years of teaching experience, will take you on a journey where we will see how the plastic (that is definitely ruining our environment) is formed? What are the reasons that make it imperishable and the alternative that could be used? How and what chemical reactions make soap a bar of soap and many more such mysteries are yet to be revealed. But wait, we will not only be learning all this theoretically, but we will be using different real-life examples, case studies, models to make it interactive and engaging. So, hope to see you all in the class as we begin on this journey. Best, Bilal Nazeer.

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