Physics (Part I)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
All branches of science have their own value, and each plays a unique role in our daily life. But the phenomena and intricate concepts of Physics complement all other sciences e.g., chemistry, mathematics, biology and so on. I, Hafiz Azeem, welcome you to my course. I have been teaching Physics in various renowned institutions for the past 12 years. I love teaching Physics, and after taking this course, I am pretty sure you will start loving Physics too. With the help of my course videos, you will study Physics in a way different from the conventional learning methods. The visual representations and simulations in my course will enhance your learning, creativity, and innovation. Whether it is a topic of torque, friction, acceleration, or projectile motion, you will start observing and understanding these essential concepts of Physics in your surroundings, after taking this course. Moreover, videos on past papers, detailed notes of every chapter and live discussion with teachers and peer learning would definitely help you ace your board exams. So, let’s make it interactive and exciting. See you all! Hafiz Azeem.

Make your momentum by conceptually learning challenging concepts of magnetism, friction etc. through tailored made FSc lectures and notes and past paper references.