Introduction to Accounting (Part I)

Hello! Welcome to all those who are here to explore my course. I know that most of the students of I.Com enter the universe of commerce, confused and without knowing the depth of this field and proper career counseling, if you are one of them, read further because I have good news for you. The path of your future is not in the dark anymore. From now onwards, you are in safe hands. Because all your problems regarding the field of commerce and accounting would be addressed in this course. I, Ali Imtiaz, your accounting instructor with 5 years of experience, have tailored this course for you to attain 100% conceptual clarity and hence, scores. Not only this, but I’ve also shattered the cliché of accounting being the dullest, boring and difficult subject, so much so that all the memes you share a day in and day out, will be the part of this course. And brace yourself to see it yourself. Not only that, but I also assure you that by the end of this course, you will be seeing accounting all around you and would love to play with numbers. So, without further ado let’s get started with the course. Ali Imtiaz.

Through these comprehensive online lectures, notes, and past paper references, learn how to use spreadsheets for accounting, classify transactions, understand financial principles and much more.