English (Part I)

Short Notes
Hi, everybody! Welcome to my course. I understand that, from learning tough and rich vocabulary to translating passages to writing analytical essays in the right grammatical structure, English is no less a challenging subject. Along with that, most of the students find poems difficult because of the literary techniques, rhyming scheme and stanzaic structure. I, Usman Diyal, with more than 5 years of teaching experience, will make sure you won’t have to struggle in any of the above-mentioned domains. And we will together strive to make English a less arduous and tedious subject (let’s keep it out of the sciences league). My teaching methodology will provide you with all the possible ways for effectively learning vocabulary, doing perfect translation, and writing critically analyzed essays so that you not only ace your board exams but actually strive to develop and grow your English language skills. So, let’s start the journey towards your destination. Usman Diyal.

Learn English grammar and enhance your vocabulary knowledge along with
improving your communication skills with these comprehensive online lectures and concise notes.