Chemistry (Part I)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Hi! I am happy to see you here regardless of the fact that Chemistry is no less than a nightmare for most of you. But let me be straight, to play romance in this subject you must be a hero. So, we will strive to be one. I, Yaruq Ali Khan, have been teaching Chemistry for more than 8 years and welcomes you on this journey of romance and nightmare. My lectures are coupled with rapturous tactics, facts, mnemonic, memes, animations, and real-life examples. Believe me, it is going to be a lucrative deal with joy, fun and learning. Chemistry has been my favorite subject since grade 9 and I will promise you, it will be yours too within a couple of days. We will learn all the concepts from organic to inorganic and will look at practical examples from real life. I know hearing the name of Organic Chemistry gives you chill but trust me we will make through it in an effortless way. One thing I want from you all is that, you should revise your whole topic on the same day of taking the lecture because in my opinion it gets vanished or in chemistry you can say it evaporates, if you don’t revise it the next day. So better safe than sorry. Good luck! See you in the class. Yaruq Ali khan.

Cover organic and inorganic concepts of chemistry by watching tailored made video lectures along with F.Sc notes and acquaint yourself with the paper pattern by referring to chemistry past papers.