Biology (Part I)

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Hi, everyone! Before we begin, have you ever wondered what makes humans different from other species? How does our body exactly know how to respond in a certain situation? Have you ever thought about how our body converts food into energy? Well, if you do not, then gear up because we will be studying all this in our Biology classes. I, Ahmed Zulfiqar, have been teaching Biology for the last ten years. I will teach you Biology with the fusion of technology and creativity. From a single cell to complex human anatomy, I will teach you everything through pictorial representations so that you can visualize and grasp the concept easily. In addition to this, you will get all the past papers, short and detailed notes along with descriptive video lectures so you can get an overall outlook about how to prepare for exams, efficiently. In short, my course is a whole shebang required to score the highest marks in Biology and you will witness it yourself. So, without further ado let’s get started! Ahmed Zulfiqar.

Get an introductory level understanding of Biology with comprehensive and easy to grasp video lectures, revision notes and live sessions.