NET Test Session 2023

Nearpeer is proud to announce its NET Bundle sessions for the students preparing for the entry test. The NET stands for the NUST Entrance Test. This is designed to prepare aspirants for NUST Entrance exam, one of the top engineering universities in Pakistan. Our NUST preparation sessions allow students to study, learn, revise and practice for the subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, IQ and Mathematics. The course includes a crash test session, practice questions, video lectures, study notes, 24/7 official Nearpeer support, general guidance, past papers practice and solution, along with access until the day of your exam! Preparing for the NET can help you get into the revered NUST University for various degree programs within the institution. Still, don’t forget, your individual effort is as important as anything else! Since Nearpeer functions on the philosophy of self studying, it is important for you to inculcate a more organized and disciplined approach towards preparation, including but not limited to a functional, reasonable study schedule, an undisturbed workspace and ample time to revise and attempt questions. Sign up today and ace the FUNGAT exam. Happy learning! Yours, Team Nearpeer

NET Online Preparation