Entry Test Quantitative (Basic Mathematics)

Welcome to my course Quantitative (Basic Mathematics). To begin with, many students don't know the difference between Basic & Advanced Mathematics. As the name suggests, basic math is a lot different from advanced Mathematics. It includes basic level questions, like those you studied in your matric and O'level grade. If you suck at math and have not studied at your FSc/A' level then this course is for you (and of course for others too). In this course, we will discuss every little concept in detail with the help of examples. We will learn from our mistakes rather than aiming for perfection because mathematics is all about practice. Hence, a lot of practice questions, past papers and test session will be conducted so to enable you to tackle any type of math question that may be presented on the exam. Along with that, techniques in solving the questions in less time, will be shared and you can ask any question you might have, in the classroom groups. So let's get started! Your Quantitative Course Instructor.

Quantitative (Basic Mathematics) for NUST Business Studies/Social Sciences, NTS, FAST includes Video Lectures, Past Papers, Practice Quizzes, Full Length Papers & Short tips and tricks to ace the exam