Entry Test Intelligence

Hello all! Welcome to the intelligence course. I have vast experience of teaching and helping students ace the entry tests of major universities. This detailed and relevant course is for all those who are looking to take admission in universities (especially in the business field). Students usually don't study for Intelligence Portion but this portion has its importance. At the end, when your merit is determined based on the entry test, an excellent score in this portion can create your way to your desired field. Particularly in NUST, the little portion of Intelligence can boost your marks. Therefore, this course will provide you with in-depth and comprehensive video lectures that will give you an initial boost of preparation followed by thousands of practice questions, past paper analysis and 24/7 active classroom groups where you can ask any question anytime from me and your peers. So let's get started on this journey to help you get into your desired universities. See you in the class! Your Intelligence Course Instructor.

Intelligence for NUST, FAST, NTS & Other Entry Tests includes Video Lectures, Past Papers, Practice Quizzes, Full Length Papers, Time Management and Pressure Handling Skills to help you ace entry test