Engineering Physics

Hello all! Welcome to all those who are here to explore my course. You all know that Physics is a major portion of Engineering entrance test exams. And most of you find it very hard to solve Physics numerical without a calculator and that too under great time pressure. The key idea behind attempting physics to its 100% is, to stick with this course material and getting the detailed concepts as well as shortcuts, tips, tricks and time-saving techniques to solve problems in due time. I have been teaching Physics for Engineering University Entry Test for more than 10 years. My Physics course will allow you to prepare while sitting on your couch and following your own schedule. This course will provide you with the opportunity to practice thousands of questions, past papers and hence, evaluate your performance and improve. Along with that, if you want any assistance with any question or query, I will always be available in the classroom group to answer. Looking forward to seeing you enrolled! :) Your Physics Instructor.

Understanding torque, momentum and projectile motion to solving relevant challenging numerical is now made easy through video lectures and shortest tips and tricks to help you ace physics.