Engineering English

Hello everyone! Welcome to English course. I hope I am as passionate to teach future Engineers as you are eager to become one. I have been teaching entrance exam classes since 2014 and with the help of Allah Almighty, I've enabled hundreds of students to get admission to their desired Professional Colleges and Universities. Although English has a nominal portion in the entrance exam syllabus but keep this thing in mind that English is the subject that makes the difference. Students are generally good at their other subjects and lose marks in English due to a lack of basic grammatical and vocabulary knowledge; hence, they are unable to achieve their goals. Through advanced learning techniques, my lectures at Nearpeer will make grammar an interesting subject for you. The quizzes along with comprehensive solutions will help you test your abilities and detect your shortcomings. Pictorial representations are going to attract your attention for your vocabulary building and my creative mnemonics and puns will help you remember the meanings permanently. I’m sure after we are done with this course, you will be able to get 100% marks in English. Don’t forget “Position differs by 1 mark” and we will work for each mark. Stay blessed! Your English Instructor.

Ace your English portion of Entrance exam 2021 by learning and improving English grammar and increasing your vocabulary knowledge with the best online video lectures, online quizzes and past papers.