Engineering Chemistry

Short Notes & Guess Papers
Hello students! Welcome to my course. I have been teaching entrance exams classes since 1999. My vast experience will lead you to your destination and boasting that because a good number of my students had gotten into top universities. Moving on, Chemistry is thought to be a difficult subject for students, especially the numerical portion but trust me after you are done with my course, it will become a pet subject of yours. While solving the numerical portion, you will feel like having ice cream in the winter season. And you will witness this yourself, as we go along the course. My course provides you with an effective learning environment that endeavors you to increase your learning potential. MCQs provided in video lectures, helping books, and tests will focus and orientate you towards centum in the Chemistry portion. Concise notes and shortcuts mentioned in the chemistry book will enable you to apply the concepts and to solve the MCQs in the required time. The quizzes along with their comprehensive solutions will help you to make your concepts stronger eventually bringing perfection out of your confusing concepts. I am excited to teach you and meet you all in the class! Good Luck! Your Chemistry Instructor.

Chemistry for NUST, PIEAS, UET & Other Entry Tests, includes Video Lectures, Past Papers, Practice Quizzes, Examples Discussion, Full Length Papers and Short Tips and Tricks.