MDCAT English Improver Session

By the grace of Allah Almighty, after getting the outstanding Entry test results for 2022, Nearpeer is going to launch the MDCAT English improver session online course without any delay. This course includes Although English has a minor portion in entrance exams remember this is the subject that makes the difference. Students are usually good at their science subjects but not in English due to a lack of grammatical and vocabulary knowledge. It requires critical thinking and a good grip on each and every grammar rule to ace the MDCAT English Portion. It does not matter to which study program you are going to get admission, English language skill is mandatory. So, we are going to arrange a comprehensive repeater session which will help you to clear your concepts regarding all the parts of speech, improve your vocabulary and enhance your grammar skills through advanced learning techniques. By the end of this session, you will be able to get 100% marks in the English portion. See you in my class! :) Tanveer Ahmad MDCAT English Instructor

MDCAT English improver session online course is specially designed for MDCAT students to improve their exam scores with video lectures, past papers solutions, digital classes, & practice questions.