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Hey everyone! I am Muhammad Shahid Subhani, your MDCAT Biology Instructor. It gives me immense pleasure to see you here. Read on to understand why you must take this course! Talking about Biology, it is the most important subject and the largest portion of MDCAT. In fact, the key to scoring 190+ in MDCAT is to get maximum MCQs correct in the Biology portion of the test. Now, what does one need to do in order to ace this portion of the test? The answer is, focus on each line of the book, strictly follow the syllabus provided by PMC, have a complete understanding of all the topics, and do the maximum practice of Multiple-choice questions available on the website on daily basis. Now you must be wondering, how can I help you through all this? In my MDCAT Biology course, I have delivered comprehensive lectures on all the topics of the MDCAT syllabus, along with useful tips for attempting the test and discussion of expected MCQs. Along with polishing your conceptual thinking, the course shall also teach you effective time management techniques to help you ace MDCAT. Some of my trial lecture modules are available below. Moreover, there will be thousands of online quiz modules and you'll be able to save your progress graph for comparison with other students. Not only that, I'll be available to guide my students anytime they need it! Who should take my course? Repeaters, Fresh graduates, A' Level students, and students from remote areas with no access to academies. See you in my class! :) Muhammad Shahid Subhani MDCAT Biology Instructor

MDCAT Biology has a lot of practice questions, FLPs with video solution and unit wise video lectures, practice material and solved past papers, for your entry test preparation.