Mandarin HSK Level 1

About Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) is a frontline advocate for the pivotal bilateral relationship between China and Pakistan and within a short span, it has emerged as a credible institution in both countries, and a premiere entity, which different sections of both societies turn to for advice, assistance and information. Pakistan-China Institute aims to take up a leading role in generating discussions and analysis on multiple aspects of the diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, as well as the entire region. In the Asian Century, the need for a platform that fosters people-to-people contact in the region is crucial. An integral part of PCI’s mission is to serve as a resource to all those who seek a better understanding of the changing dynamics of regional relations, particularly in relation to Pakistan and China. Pakistan China Institute, an independent, nonpartisan research think tank and publisher, is dedicated to functioning as a resource for government officials, educators, students, civic leaders and all interested citizens to help them better understand the geostrategic dynamics of Asia. How can learning Chinese help in your career. Chinese Language has gained popularity in Pakistan, especially after the launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in 2015. The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of China, Lijian Zhao said that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has generated 200,000 jobs, out of which 75,000 have fallen under the bracket of CPEC in Pakistan. Senator Mushahid Hussain, Chairman of the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI), said that the number of Chinese language learners in Pakistan has reached 25,000, with a number of universities making it a compulsion to learn the language. An interview was conducted of the first secretary of the culture department at the Chinese Embassy, Pan Yuqi, who said that after the launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Mandarin has become all the more important, bridging the ties between the two countries. He also said that after the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are up and running, Mandarin speakers will have an extensive advantage over local speakers. Pakistan-China Institute will help students who will be completing three levels of HSK in finding a relevant job. Course name Mandarin HSK Level 1 Interaction with the instructor ● Instructor will be available to answer the queries over the whatsapp ● Be specific and to-the-point in asking any question ● You might not get an answer after a few minutes. We advise you to wait till instructor gets free. Instructor’s Profile Aaron Wang ( Chinese name:王朋举 Wang Pengju) Age: 33 Graduated from Henan University and major is English. Have more than 6 years of working experience in Pakistan, good at English and Urdu. 2014-2017 working in Sea Marshal Services Company in Karachi as the interpreter and assistant. From Feb. 2018 until now teaches Chinese Language in the Universities and other institutes. Have been teaching in the University of Central Punjab; Superior University; Lampro Mellon; Punjab Jangsu Institute of Culture and Art; and Pak-China Institute. Have good experience in teaching Chinese to different groups of people. Now teaches HSK 1-4. What you will learn ● Chinese Pinyin ( Initials, Finals, tones and some principles) ● Use of the 11 Interrogative Words, you can ask questions based on these words. ● 150+ Basic Chinese words ( HSK Level One) ● 52 Basic Chinese Characters reading and writing ( Strokes, Radicals, and Characters) ● The daily conversation includes Age, date, time, weather, price, wishes, manners, etc. ● Basic Chinese grammar and structures of the sentences. ● Prepare for HSK 1 Official test and ready for further learning in HSK 2. Requirements (Who can take this course) ● All college and university students who can understand and speak English. ● General Public who have no prior knowledge of Chinese, but good at English. Course description This course is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of Standard Chinese. The main focus of this course is to develop the student’s oral communication skills in Mandarin. This course aims to help students to excel in future by mastering the pinyin system and to be well conversant with basic Mandarin sentence patterns. Also, students will learn how to read and write several Chinese characters. By the end of this course, students will be able to conversant in Mandarin, and able to pass the HSK 1 Official Test. How to start: HSK Level 1 online course has been divided into 15 Modules. Each module contains 4-5 videos and few quizzes for personal assessment. Student can judge his/her performance by solving those quizzes. It is advisable to finish 1 module per week. Prefer consistency in learning the language over hard work. So, start by watching those videos and make notes. After finishing a module, go to quiz section. Every module has its own audio files and workbook exercise file.
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