Town Planning and Urban Management

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About your Instructor: Mr. Zohaib Ahmed Anjum is an officer of Pakistan Administrative Service currently serving Government of Punjab as Assistant Commissioner. He graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore with a degree in Architectural Engineering. Being an architect and an engineer, he is the perfect mentor to teach the subject of Town Planning and Urban Management to the aspirants of competitive examination. Town Planning was one of the optional subjects that Mr. Zohaib Ahmed opted and scored 70 marks in CSS 2017. Why should you opt for Town Planning & Urban Management? 1. No technical knowledge required: The subject of Town Planning and Urban Management is a simple subject and you don't need to be an engineer or a technical expert to crack this subject. You don't need any previous background knowledge to crack this subject. 2. Only need to focus on Paper Presentation: Every student with a normal IQ can crack this subject and score good marks. The most important thing to remember for this subject is to draw maps, charts, figures and diagrams while explaining your answer. 3. Very short syllabus: Town Planning is a subject with short syllabus and one needs to cover only 6 to 7 topics to attempt 4 questions out of 7. 4. High Scoring: The subject is very high scoring provided you have backed your answer with relevant examples and case studies. Why should you study Town Planning & Urban Management from Nearpeer? The course being offered through Nearpeer is a complete package in itself and a perfect template to prepare you for this easiest subject. All past papers have been thoroughly solved and a question-answer approach makes this course a very easy ride for CSS aspirants.

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