Sociology (New Course)

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Muhammad Daud Saleemi secured 2nd Position in Pakistan in CSS 2019 and belongs to Pakistan Administrative Service (48th Common). Before joining the public sector, he was working as a Senior Data Engineer in Washington DC at Afiniti – an Artificial Intelligence company. During his student life, he was an accomplished national-level debater and a member of the Standing Committee on Political and Electoral Reforms at Youth Parliament Pakistan. He is also an educationalist and a political analyst who has contributed his writings to The Nation, Dunya News (English) and Daily Times. Having been in the private sector for many years, he has a keen interest in studying about modern management practices and models of governance. Daud believes in a practical, in-depth and smart study approach towards CSS subjects and he’ll be employing the same approach in his courses of Sociology and Governance & Public Policies. Sociology Course Introduction Sociology is one of the most interesting and sought-after optional subjects in the CSS syllabus. For various reasons, it was one of my favorite subjects while I was preparing for my own CSS examination. Its conceptual nature not only makes this subject interesting but also easy to prepare. The course content of sociology in CSS syllabus comprises of a major theoretical portion but students are usually clueless about the application of sociological perspectives and theories on practical social issues. The trend of past exams in the recent years shows that examiners now expect a solution-based analytical approach from students and crammed bookish knowledge to memorize definitions and terminologies no longer suffices to score well in sociology in the competitive examination. This course has been designed to not only cover all aspects of the syllabus but to equip the students with the kind of analytical skills that’d broaden their perspective and make them analyze any social issue in its entirety. I have focused on teaching issues by giving diverse examples from different cultures all over the world so that students can develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic in its entirety and draw comparisons between different societies. Because of my background in Parliamentary Debates and Gender Studies, I have managed to draw relevant theoretical linkages to make the content comprehensive. I hope you’d be able to develop a firm grip on the subject and score good marks in the exam by the time you have finished this course. You can also Join our google classroom to stay updated Best of luck!

Sociology CSS Online Course includes video lectures with detailed discussion of the entire syllabus. It includes CSS tips and tricks to score high in competitive exams.