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The CSS Sindhi Course at Nearpeer has been designed after extensive and comprehensive study of more than 7 recommended books. It has been designed after careful and extensive analysis of: • Sindhi writing in general and CSS Sindhi in particular; • Past Papers and Examiners’ Reports; • Scoring techniques • Sindhi grammar and style • Effective teaching through multimodal communication. It is designed in a way so as to cover the entire spectrum of learners – beginners, intermediate, and experts. Special Focus is on the Sindhi style that suits the examiners and helps aspirants in fetching higher scores. The main features of Sindhi subject offered at near peer include • Why one should Opt Sindhi? • What are the most important topics to be covered? • How the subject can be studies in different parts so that the preparation is made comprehensive? • What are the important books out of the plethora of all the recommended books? • What are the techniques that can fetch high scores? • Why the MCQs need to be integral part of the prep and where to cover them from? • How to write outline in Sindhi? • How to improve Sindhi vocabulary? • How to write introduction, critical analysis, and conclusion in Sindhi? • Due to change in language, what shall be writing format on answer sheet? • Whether to use Sindhi alphabet and numbering in headings and sub headings? If yes, how? • What shall be the length of answers and how o tackle time while dealing with lengthy topics like Sindhi Adab jo jaezo? • How to improve Sindhi handwriting? All of these questions have been explained in detail with concrete examples on topics taken from Past Papers. Another unique feature of this course is that complete of almost all topics are included. These notes have been taken from nearly seven available books. In addition to this, last 21 years past paper questions have also been included in notes as well as lectures. This course, thus, makes it easy for the aspirants to solve the past papers as well as upcoming exams. It focuses on those aspirants who struggle with opting Sindhi because of difficulty in Sindhi writing, reading or notes making. This course shall take the aspirants from scratch to a level that they shall start loving this subject. And the subject that aspirants love shall never let them down.

Sindhi CSS course will provide best preparation and guidance to get high scores in CSS.