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Hello I am Awais Ali, a literature and languages enthusiast despite being an Electrical Engineer. I am able to speak 6 languages and have read the world literature extensively. My English translations of Punjabi stories have been published in reputable literary journals of Pakistan. In CSS 2018, I topped Punjabi paper by scoring 89 marks out of 100. In this course, I will help you score the same by making you able to attempt Punjabi paper by blending knowledge from languages and literature you already know. Punjabi has always been a high scoring course because: 1- In Punjab, the elite have historically discouraged the language in favor of Urdu. As a result, it is always encouraged by FPSC to opt the subject so as to preserve the language. 2- Marks grabbing strategies in Punjabi, which will be taught in the lectures, do not involve separate preparation. Quoting the knowledge of other subjects of CSS exam can ensure good marks. The structure of this subject is as follows: a. Objective – 20 Marks b. Subjective – 80 Marks (5 questions to be attempted out of 8) i) History of Punjabi ii) Poetry iii) Lok Adab iv) Prose v) Islami Adab vi) Tehqeeq-o-Tanqeed A cursory look at the past papers would reveal that difficulty level of Punjabi in CSS is way below many other CSS subjects. With a little preparation and skipping a complete portion of Tehqeeq-o-Tanqeed will make you able to attempt 7 out of 8 questions. We have designed this course in a way that after you have completed this course, you will be able to solve not only the easy questions but also the difficult ones. The course is going to be very interactive. A lot of past papers practice is part of the course. The entire syllabus that has been notified by FPSC has been covered in this Course except one part (Tehqeeq-o-Tanqeed) as this portion takes more energy and you have ample choice to skip this part. Students who subscribe to this course would not need to buy any reading material other than what would be provided with this course free of cost. In the end I would like to say that I have put all my knowledge and abilities into the preparation of this course and will give my best to make sure, your money and time is not wasted. Best Wishes,

Punjabi is a high-scoring subject of CSS and these videos are going to cover the entire syllabus through detailed discussion and will give you insights to score well in exams.