Political Science (I and II)

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The choice of 100 marks optional course proves formative in deciding the merit of a CSS qualifier because most students are able to pass all optional courses- the race in optionals is to secure as high as possible in order to land at top preference. The dynamics of subject grouping is such that students necessarily have to choose, at least one, 200 marks course. Therefore, this choice must be based on two crucial factors: 1. High Scoring Subject 2. Compliments in preparing other subjects Political Science is a perfect subject in this context. It is the highest scoring subject, among the 200-marks courses, averaging at over 120. The average of the second most opted 200-marks course i.e. International Relations, is significantly lower than that (almost 30 marks difference). Moreover, one can push the score as high as possible if one develops command over this subject, even up to 150 marks, something that has been virtually impossible in other courses so far. In the competitive CSS examination, the merit position varies with a difference of every single mark, so choose wisely! Not only that but Pol Sci course is overlapping with a host of other courses: 1. English Essay 2. Pakistan/ Current Affairs 3. Islamic Studies 4. US History 5. Sociology 6. Gender Studies 7. Constitutional Law 8. Governance & Public Policies and many others This lecture series will cover the core syllabus; provide a comprehensive conceptual understanding of all ideas; familiarize students with and equip them with skills to use jargon effectively. Moreover, I will also share the tips and tricks that I used in order to top this course (149/200 Marks). Instructor: Abrar Ahmed (CSS 2017 | PAS | Political Science Topper) For Additional Resources and help. Click here to download the file

Political Science CSS video lectures with Past papers analysis and tips and tricks for CSS 2022 to score high.