Pakistan Affairs

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The most important part of CSS and subsequently its most interesting as well, is to learn about own country. Not only an analytical analysis of our history, our culture and how these shape our lives today, but also allows a deep understanding of the major issues of our country in order to devise innovative solutions. Pak Affairs is 100 mark compulsory subject for CSS but it trains you for a host of other exams as well. From Current Affairs to English Essay and from PMS exam to PPSC exams, the Pakistan affairs course directly helps you understand our country’s dimension to these issues. Preparing for this exam includes not only an overview of the issues pertaining to today, but a robust analysis on how they developed and how we can cater to them effectively. So it is something that makes you more aware of our society even regardless of any exam preparation. The modules of this course shall include lectures on: Module One: The Pre Partition History of Muslim Subcontinent Module 2: The democratic evolution of Pakistan Module 3: Governance Issues of Pakistan Module 4: Geostrategic security situation of Pakistan Alongside these modules we shall try and cover the useful exam techniques, practice questions and CSS Tips and tricks. This course is catered to make you self sufficient for the CSS Pakistan Affairs exam, so hope candidates utilize this resource You can also Join our google classroom to stay updated Regards, Muhammad Awaid Irshad 1st Position (PAS- 2017)

Pak Affair course includes video lectures with a detailed discussion of the entire syllabus. This course shall focus on the exam-specific material and incorporates CSS tips and tricks.