Mercantile Law

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Hi I am Mubashir, I have studied and qualified Mercantile Law thrice in my life. First in B.Com, then in C.A and finally in CSS. This has always been one of my favorite subjects, reason being , learning these laws not only helps you in your exams/degree but also in real life as it makes you aware of the basic legal system that regulates contract, trade, commerce etc. Mercantile Law has been one of the highest scoring optional subjects in CSS and unfortunately up till now no one else has offered this course. For this particular reason, we decided to prepare a course that will help students opt Mercantile Law in CSS and ace it! This course includes all the acts and ordinances that are part of the Mercantile Law syllabus for CSS Examination. The course has been designed after taking into consideration the examiner comments and suggestions shared by FPSC and my own personal experience. We have prepared slides in a manner that students don’t need to waste their time on notes preparation as the slides would serve that purpose. We have also included supplementary notes for topic where we deemed necessary. Every topic’s conclusion is followed by past paper practice. We have covered all past paper since 2016, the year in which new syllabus was introduced. As with all other NearPeer courses, this course is also going to be very interactive as I will give you assignments, answer your queries and check you attempted solutions. In the end I would like to say that I have put in sincere and honest effort into preparation of this course and will give my best to make sure, your money and time is not wasted. Regards.

This course includes lectures on all the acts and ordinances that are part of the Mercantile Law syllabus for CSS Examination with a focus on past paper practice.