International Relations (I and II)

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Assalam o Alaikum A little about me first, I am Umair Mehboob. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and currently part of 46th Common CSPs Group. I am serving in Miltary and Cantonments Group. I must tell here that it is beautiful to live the dream and I wish you guys achieve what you dream for. When I am not officer-ing around, I am reading books on a variety of subjects or meeting a group of friends and colleagues to share our thoughts we read in books. Well, you might say my love for books made me reach where I am today however that is not the only thing. Reading a lot of books might make a thoughtful (you might call geeky) person but in order to qualify CSS, you just need to stick to your syllabus and limited number of books. What matters more in CSS is your way of articulating your thoughts as per the question asked in the exam. Sounds Scary? Don't worry! In my course, I have covered every syllabus topic in great detail along with discussion on how to mold your understanding according to the question asked. I have tried my best to make sure my course is the only thing that you should need to study from and clear your International Relations paper. Trust me, this is one of the most interesting subjects you will come across ever in your life. It's easy, detailed, interesting, mind-opening, and one of the most opted paper by CSS aspirants. In this course, I start by discussing the scope of international relations followed by different theories and approaches to look at relations. We then discuss strategies, international political economy, Nationalism, Internationalism, Globalization, and Approaches to Peace! And oh, we discuss IMF too: something as a nation we are really scared of. We discuss a lot of interesting things. All that you need to do is opt-in! My promise to you is that I will walk with you and will be there for you whenever you need. But in reciprocity, the promise I need from you is that you will not hesitate reading and solving questions and bugging me whenever you need. See you in my class! Umair Mehboob.

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